Best-Selling Products

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Best-Selling Products

Best-Selling Products

Alfa Chemistry is a biotechnology company focused on graphene and its related products and is a leading global producer of graphene. Since the company's inception, our employees have brought the successful development of graphene applications to customers in multiple countries and regions around the world.

Alfa Chemistry has a complete production line and comprehensive supporting equipment, which can provide you with a series of graphene-related products. Our popular inventory products mainly include Graphene(G-1001), Graphene (G-1002), and multi-walled carbon nanotube.

We not only have unique technology and resources to provide you with customized services, but also have a dedicated logistics team and a robust inventory management system to ensure timely delivery and reliable supply. Alfa Chemistry looks forward to cooperating with you.

Our Best-Selling Products

Catalog Number
Product Name
Carbon content: > 99.5 wt%
Moisture content: < 0.35 wt%
Oxygen content: < 1.0 wt%
Ash content: ≈ 0.1 wt%
Particle size range: 50 nm to 5 μm
Average particle thickness: < 1.7 nm (DLS/PSA estimate)
Form: Light powder
$298 10g
$450 25g
$750 50g

Carbon content: > 95.0 wt%
Moisture content: < 0.75 wt%
Oxygen content: < 2.0 wt%
Ash content: < 4.5 wt%
Particle size range: 150 nm to 10 μm
Average particle thickness: < 2.8 nm (DLS/PSA estimate)
Form: Light powder
$298 10g
$450 25g
$750 50g

Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotube
OD: 30-80 nm
Purity: ≥ 95 wt%
Length: < 10 μm
SSA: > 60 m2/g
ASH: < 5 wt%
Tap Density: 0.18 g/cm3
$280 10g
$495 25g

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Our products are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purposes.