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Heated Clothing

The Importance of Heated Clothing

The Importance of Heated Clothing

As the second skin on human bodies, clothing's primary function is to keep warm. With the development of science and technology in clothing materials, the ways of keeping warm are constantly changing and developing. At present, electric heating clothing is the most researched and mature technology at home and abroad, which can provide help for soldiers, workers, outdoor athletes and other needs. Electric heating clothing, as a kind of intelligent clothing, is the trend of future clothing development. It is believed that with the development of nanotechnology and technological progress, the development prospects of electric heating clothing will be broader.

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Accelerate Research and Practice of Graphene in Heated Clothing

Due to the high electrical conductivity and high thermal conductivity of graphene, it will produce excellent electrothermal conversion function when energized. By loading high-quality graphene on fibers or clothing, a certain amount of heat can be generated under a low safety voltage to heat the clothing, or a small graphene heating film can be added to heat the clothing. Graphene heating clothing can obtain heat energy with a lower safe voltage under cold conditions, which is very suitable for people who are in cold areas or need to work for a long time under special cold conditions. In addition, due to the special phonon vibration mode of graphene during electrothermal conversion, it emits far-infrared light, which has certain physical therapy and health care functions. When used in the human body, it can promote blood circulation, relieve muscle and joint pain, which is suitable for various consumer groups.

Graphene-enabled adaptive infrared textiles.Figure 1. Graphene-enabled adaptive infrared textiles. (Ergoktas M. S, et al. 2020)

The preparation of hybrid 2D platform heaters.Figure 2. The preparation of hybrid 2D platform heaters. (Li L. H, et al. 2019)

As mentioned above, Alfa Chemistry can introduce graphene into fiber materials to form fibers with high electrothermal conversion rate, and then spin them. Graphene can also be coated on an organic flexible substrate to make an electrothermal conversion film, which is then placed in clothes. The former method is evenly heated and can be washed directly. The latter method provides partial heating, which has physical therapy function for some areas and cannot be washed directly. Alfa Chemistry is committed to bringing graphene heated clothing to the market and providing consumers with better products.

What Can We Do?

  1. We can supply composite electrothermal conversion fiber products and provide designs and solutions for product development.
  2. We seek co-development opportunities with companies developing heated clothing. Meanwhile, we provide corresponding graphene products and graphene heating clothing technology solutions.

Alfa Chemistry Solutions for Heated Clothing



Technology and Instrument Platform

Chemical vapor deposition, chemical peeling, graphene modification, igraphene transfer and other technologies.

TEM, AFM, XPS, ICP-OES, ICP-MS, EDS, Raman spectroscopy, probe station and other detection platforms.




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