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Other Carbon Nanomaterials


Research on carbon nanotechnology has been very active in recent years. A variety of nano-carbon crystals (shapes like needle, rod and spherical) have emerged. Among the carbon nanomaterials, new carbon materials such as carbon nanotubes and carbon nanofibers have many excellent physical and chemical properties and are widely used in many fields.

Bulk nanotubes may be one of the most common carbon-based materials. They are popular in the modern manufacturing of composite materials, such as wind turbines, bicycle parts, marine coatings, and even various sports vehicles and equipment. C60 in fullerene has lubricity and superconductivity, and is used in many fields such as semiconductors, catalysts, battery materials and medicines. As a supplier of carbon series materials, Alfa Chemistry has been eagerly looking forward to and is always excited about the latest innovations.

Our products are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purposes.

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