The World Needs Us and We Need You!

Chemical innovation has played a key role in the world and even made a vital contribution to all industries. We are committed to creating chemistry for the future, and strive to find answers to various questions.

We believe that talents are the key to our long-term success. Therefore, we provide employees with the best support in work and life and the support needed to realize their personal ambitions, which is the key to helping us create chemistry. No matter what path you envision, Alfa Chemistry is a great place to achieve a successful career. Come and create chemistry with us!

Desired Qualities of Employees

We are looking for mature global talents with passion and sense of responsibility to develop our own society.

Those who do not afraid of failure

We hope that employees have the spirit of never succumbing to failure. We value a proactive and challenging spirit, which finds new hope in failure, rather than stability that avoids challenges brought about by fear.

Those who know how to
cooperate and coexist

A true leader should know how to cooperate and take care of others. We are waiting for individuals who value not only the development of their personal capabilities but also their responsibilities as social entities.

Those who make endless
efforts for self-development

We welcome talents to develop their knowledge and abilities, and achieve success with their own abilities rather than accidentally. We are waiting for the people who are constantly striving to develop ourselves and our company.

Discover Your Career

We provide you with multiple ways to join the company and hire professionals in various fields.
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Scientists-Integrative Biology

New York, United States     Full time     Posted 1 June 2021

Materials Scientist

New York, United States     Full time     Posted 1 June 2021

Technical Sales Executive

New York, United States     Full time     Posted 1 June 2021