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Atmospheric Governance

The Importance of Atmospheric Governance

The Importance of Atmospheric Governance

The atmospheric environment is closely related to human survival. A good atmospheric environment is a powerful guarantee for human health activities. The most prominent manifestation of current environmental problems is air pollution. Harmful gases such as ammonia, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitride and fluoride discharged from human life or industrial and agricultural production cause pollution and disrupt ecological balance. It is necessary to implement sustainable development and increase the control of atmospheric pollution.

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Accelerate Research and Practice of Graphene in Atmospheric Governance

The scientific and effective treatment of air pollution requires relevant technological innovation and new material development. Graphene materials also play an important role in the field of air treatment due to their unique advantages. The excellent adsorption performance of graphene allows it to absorb dust in the air and reduce the concentration of particulate matter in the air. At the same time, it can remove various harmful gases represented by formaldehyde. Graphene masks developed using the antibacterial properties of graphene can protect the respiratory system. Modified graphene can also transform harmful gases and improve the atmospheric environment. Graphene materials also have high environmental sensitivity and can be used for gas detection. Graphene-based gas sensors have been applied in practice. Through continuous improvement, related equipment can achieve trace detection of various gases such as ammonia, nitric oxide and hydrogen.

 Graphdiyne as a high-efficiency membrane for separating oxygen from harmful gases.Figure 1. Graphdiyne as a high-efficiency membrane for separating oxygen from harmful gases. (Meng Z. S, et al. 2016)

Alfa Chemistry has a variety of graphene technologies and has the ability to provide various support for air pollution control projects. We have provided effective solutions to various problems encountered in the application of graphene in seawater desalination. Alfa Chemistry is committed to the research and innovation of graphene, promotes market applications, and contributes to the cause of environmental protection.

What Can We Do?

  1. We provide various graphene materials and technical support for air pollution control projects.
  2. We look forward to working with downstream customers to jointly develop applications of graphene in atmospheric governance, such as graphene masks and graphene gas sensors.

Alfa Chemistry Solutions for Atmospheric Governance



Technology and Instrument Platform

Graphene modification, graphene transfer service and other technologies.

SEM,TEM, AFM, Raman spectroscopy, XPS, ICP-OES, ICP-MS, EDS and other detection platforms.




  1. Meng Z. S, et al. (2016). “.Graphdiyne as a High-Efficiency Membrane for Separating Oxygen from Harmful Gases: A First-Principles Study.” ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 8(41), 28166-28170.
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