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Alfa Chemistry uses many years of graphene preparation and application research and development experience to provide customers with related solutions for graphene in various fields. We are honored to provide customization, modification and analysis services to help customers commercialize graphene products to be used in batteries, conductors, electronics and medicine. To discover our innovative solutions that utilize the greatest value of graphene in various fields, please click on the links below to get to the respective solution.

Biomedical Science

Graphene and its derivatives have great potential for drug delivery, cancer treatment and biosensing. With rich experience in graphene research, Alfa Chemistry can provide comprehensive solutions for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as academia and government agencies.

Digital Electronics

The use of graphene in electronic products can promote the development of low-energy consumption electronic devices and promote the rapid heat dissipation of electronic devices. With years of graphene research, Alfa Chemistry can provide comprehensive solutions for electronics manufacturers and digital technology companies, as well as academia and government agencies.


Graphene-based supercapacitors are expected to replace traditional capacitors in the use of new energy, which can well improve energy storage efficiency and reduce energy loss during transmission and waste in energy consumption. Alfa Chemistry is committed to exploring graphene for energy technology research.


Graphene oxide has a rich carboxyl group, hydroxyl group and epoxy group, which makes it more dispersible in solvents. Making full use of the properties and functions of graphene and grafting it onto textile fibers and fabrics can expand its use, especially in the development and application of high-end textiles. Alfa Chemistry strives to explore the applications of graphene on textile.


Environmental damage and pollution are prominently reflected in water and air pollution. The excellent properties of graphene make it a very broad application candidate in the field of environment protection. Alfa Chemistry can provide comprehensive solutions for customers through many years of experience in graphene research.


Functionalized graphene with a large number of oxygen-containing functional groups is extremely suitable as a reinforcing material or functionalized material. Alfa Chemistry has the ability to expand the potential of graphene in the fields of anti-corrosion, waterproof, conductive and antistatic coatings.

Our products are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purposes.

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