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Graphene and Graphene Oxide

Graphene is an exciting material with a large theoretical specific surface area, high intrinsic mobility, high Young's modulus, thermal conductivity and good electrical conductivity,which merits attention for applications such as for transparent conductive electrodes, among many other potential applications.

Graphene oxide is the oxide of graphene. Common products on the market are powder, flake and solution. After being oxidized, the oxygen-containing functional groups increase and make the properties of more active than graphene, and its properties can be improved through various reactions with oxygen-containing functional groups. At the same time, GO is easily dispersed in water and other organic solvents and different matrices. Due to the destruction of the sp2 bonding network of GO, it is usually described as an electrical insulator. In order to restore the honeycomb hexagonal lattice and conductivity, the reduction of graphene oxide must be achieved. It must be considered that once most of the oxygen groups are removed, the resulting reduced graphene oxide is more difficult to disperse due to its tendency to form aggregates.

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