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Flame Retardant Coating

The Importance of Flame Retardant Coating

Flame Retardant Coating

Flame retardant coatings are often required to protect a wide range of both flammable and nonflammable products against fire. It is the oldest, most efficient, and easiest method to apply any surface without modifying the intrinsic properties of materials. This method does not cause chemical modification of the base material, but forms a protective layer that changes the heat flux of the base material and inhibits heat dissipation and combustion. The ideal flame-retardant coating should have minimal flame spread, negligible smoke and/or toxic gas or low emissions, easy to apply, show good wear resistance, adhere to the underlying substrate and low cost.

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Accelerate Research and Practice of Graphene in Flame Retardant Coating

The three flame retardant mechanisms of graphene in flame retardant coatings are as follows:

Flame Retardant Coating

After years of graphene research, we have found that graphene added coatings can slow down the polymer's oxidation process. The synergistic effect of graphene and flame retardants such as copper oxide, molybdenum disulfide and zinc sulfide can also improve the flame retardant properties of the coating. Among them, graphene oxide can effectively extend the flame resistance time of coating samples and reduce the peak smoke generation rate. In the process of thermal expansion of the coating, the flake structure of graphene oxide brings it close to the matrix molecular chain, forming a skeleton structure, enhancing the strength of the carbon layer, and achieving the effects of flame retardancy and smoke suppression.

Flame Retardant CoatingFigure 1. Synthesis of Highly Efficient Flame Retardant (DESGO). (Pethsangave D. A, et al. 2017)

Alfa Chemistry specializes in the development and production of graphene for flame retardant coatings. We provide customers with high-quality, functional graphene series products for the purpose of meeting customer needs. We also adopt advanced product technology and process technology as well as advanced operation management, relying on an experienced technical team to provide customers with a full range of application technical service support.

What Can We Do?

1. We provide various graphene materials for flame retardant research.

2. We have advanced technology and perfect craftsmanship to provide customers with appropriate services.

3. We look forward to working with downstream companies to develop flame retardant coatings.

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Technology and Instrument Platform

Chemical vapor deposition, chemical peeling, graphene modification, graphene composite and other technologies.

TEM, AFM, XPS, ICP-OES, ICP-MS, EDS, Raman spectroscopy and other detection platforms.


Flame Retardant Coating


  1. Pethsangave D. A, et al. (2017). “Deep Eutectic Solvent Functionalized Graphene Composite as an Extremely High Potency Flame Retardant.” ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 9(40), 35319-35324.
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