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Heat Dissipation Coating

The Importance of Heat Dissipation Coating

Heat Dissipation Coating

In thermodynamics, heat dissipation is heat transfer. When substances get in contact, the energy transfer method is called heat conduction, which is currently the best heat dissipation method. When applied to the surface, the heat dissipation coating can transfer heat away from the substrate, thereby improving the efficiency, performance and life of the coated component. Thermal coatings are widely used in the transportation and electronics industries to reduce residual heat in components. Therefore, extensive research on heat dissipation coatings is of great significance.

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Accelerate Research and Practice of Graphene in Heat Dissipation Coating

The thermal conductivity of graphene is as high as 5300 W/(m·K). Adding graphene to the coating can significantly improve the thermal conductivity of the coating. Graphene has a large specific surface area. Adding graphene to the paint film can greatly increase the heat dissipation area of the paint film, and help the surface and internal heat of the paint film dissipate so that the internal and external temperatures tend to be consistent. Graphene modified heat dissipation coatings can work at high temperatures for a long time. It has strong wear resistance and good weather resistance, which can be used in various extreme environments. In addition, the use of graphene in building thermal insulation coatings can effectively reduce the internal temperature of the building and enhance the energy-saving effect. Studies have shown that when graphene oxide (GO) is added to the polymer cement waterproof coating compounded with acrylic polymer and cement, the rich oxygen-containing groups of GO can regulate the growth of cement hydration products and improve the physical properties of the coating film.

Heat Dissipation CoatingFigure 1. Al2O3/reduced graphene oxide double-layer radiative coating for efficient heat dissipation. (Zou Y. C, et al. 2018)

Alfa Chemistry focuses on the application research of graphene in the coatings field. The graphene thermal conductive coatings made of graphene oxide can be used for heat dissipation of devices at low prices. Alfa Chemistry has advanced technology to provide customers with a full range of service support relying on an experienced technical team.

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1. We provide various graphene materials for the development of heat dissipation coatings.

2. We have advanced technology and perfect craftsmanship to provide customers with quality services.

3. We look forward to cooperating with downstream companies to develop heat dissipation coating products.

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Technology and Instrument Platform

Chemical peeling, chemical vapor deposition, graphene modification, graphene transfer and other technologies.

TEM, AFM, XPS, ICP-OES, ICP-MS, EDS, XRD, Raman spectroscopy and other detection platforms.


Heat Dissipation Coating


  1. Zou Y. C, et al. (2018). "Al2O3/Reduced Graphene Oxide Double-layer Radiative coating for Efficient Heat Dissipation." Materials & Design. 157(5), 130-140.
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