Our mission is to help you achieve your goals by providing high-quality graphene for your work.

About Us

Our Story

Alfa Chemistry Graphene is a biotechnology company focusing on graphene materials and is the world's leading graphene producer. Our employees are committed to bringing the successful development of graphene applications for customers in more than 60 countries and regions around the world. The original intention of Alfa Chemistry is to provide the most affordable, high-quality and reproducible graphene for researchers and companies interested in exploring the potential of graphene. Through research and innovation, we provide support to customers via the following product portfolios: graphene oxide, CVD graphene film, graphene modification services, and graphene transfer services.

Alfa Chemistry key features:

Quality products meeting international standards
Experienced team of experts
Free online consultation and experimental design
Proven experimental process
Customized and flexible experiment design
Safe and compliant with regulations
Reduce time and variability
Multifunctional and automated instrument platform

How We Work

Learn about the process

Feasibility Demonstration

For projects with high technical feasibility, we formulate development plans, time plans and budgets.

R&D Process

We record the experimental data and project development progress generated during the project development process.

Trial Production and Inspection

We formulate production and quality inspection procedures. At the same time, we provide sample products to customers for testing.

Project Closing

We provide a complete project research and development report, including experimental principles, methods, procedures, experimental difficulties and precautions.