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Custom Manufacturing

Alfa Chemistry is a graphene material manufacturer and technical service provider. We use our knowledge and expertise to collaborate with customers to provide customized services for applications. The graphene material required for customized preparation is a key step for graphene to move toward downstream applications.

Alfa Chemistry's customized services for graphene are as follows:

Graphene Dispersion Customization

Alfa Chemistry can customize graphene dispersion based on existing products according to clients' requirements. We offer the best quality graphene dispersions with very high service life in a variety of solvents such as deionized water, ethanol, NMP and etc.

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Graphene Modification

Alfa Chemistry's experts in graphene chemistry offer different strategies for graphene modification, including chemical modification (covalent bond modification), physical modification (non-covalent bond modification) and element doping modification.

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Graphene Quantum Dot Modification

Alfa Chemistry shall provide customers the customized service of graphene quantum dots modification. GQDs modified with various functional groups has good potential application prospects in biosensors, biomedicine, solar photovoltaic devices and other fields.

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Graphene Transfer Service

Graphene grown by chemical vapor deposition has many uses. Alfa Chemistry is also able to provide a unique service by transferring graphene onto customers' own substrates, chips and materials.

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Customized Graphene-Based Silicon-Carbon Composites

Alfa Chemistry selects the appropriate graphene and use professional technology to make the appropriate composite material for different battery systems. The best quality graphene-based silicon-carbon composites we manufacture have a high service life.

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Silicon-Carbon Composites Modification

Alfa Chemistry provides customers with customized services of graphene-based silicon-carbon composite modification to improve some of the problems existing in lithium-ion batteries, such as low first discharge efficiency, poor conductivity and poor cycle performance.

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Customized High Surface Area Carbon Material

Alfa Chemistry has professional preparation technology that can prepare super large surface area carbon materials with a specific surface area of more than 1000 m2/g,which can be widely used in the research of gas storage, catalyst carrier and electrode material.

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Preparation of Graphene-Based Transparent Conductive Electrode

Alfa Chemistry is pleased to provide customers with the service of preparing graphene-based transparent conductive electrodes.This provides the possibility for applications in graphene LCD, OLED, solar cells, and photodetectors.

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The specific implementation steps are as follows:

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  • If client puts forward specific customization requirements, Alfa Chemistry will submit a feasibility report through technical demonstration. Alfa Chemistry formulates product development plans, time plans and budgets for projects with high technical feasibility.
  • Alfa Chemistry strictly follows the SOP to conduct experiments and records data. Experimental results and project development progress will be sent to client regularly.
  • Alfa Chemistry formulates production and quality inspection procedures, and provide client with sample products for testing.
  • If the test results are in line with expectations, Alfa Chemistry will provide client with a complete project research and development report, including experimental principles, methods, procedures, experimental difficulties and precautions.
Our products are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purposes.

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