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Silicon-Carbon Composites Modification

Silicon-Carbon Composites Modification

Alfa Chemistry offers customized services for graphene-based silicon-carbon composites modification. Lithium-ion batteries are widely used in various industries and show great potential in applications. But there are still problems that need to be improved, such as low first discharge efficiency, poor conductivity, and poor cycle performance. We can provide high-quality modification services for silicon-carbon anode materials.

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Alfa Chemistry's Modification Strategies

The following aspects should be considered when modifying silicon-carbon anode materials:

Silicon-Carbon Composites Modification

Alfa Chemistry's Modification Services for Silicon-Carbon Composites Include:

  • Structural modification

Carbon-based nanomaterials have unique properties, such as excellent mechanical flexibility, high electronic conductivity and chemical stability in the electrolyte. Anode materials with nanostructures can significantly improve the electrochemical cycling performance of lithium-ion batteries. Alfa Chemistry provides structural modification services for silicon carbon materials. We use different nanostructures to buffer the volume changes of silicon to reduce irreversible capacity loss and improve cycle stability.

  • Silicon carbon nanowire
  • Silicon Carbon Nanofiber
  • Silicon carbon nanotube
  • Silicon carbon nanosphere
  • Doping modification

Non-metal elements (B, N, S, P) and metal elements (K, Al, Ga, V, Ni, Co, Cu, Fe) are usually used for doping modification of silicon-carbon materials. The atomic radius of the nitrogen atom is closer to the carbon atom than any other atom, which makes it easier to replace the carbon atoms in the atomic lattice of the carbon material to form an N-doped carbon material. Nitrogen-doped carbon materials show excellent electrochemical performance and catalytic performance. Alfa Chemistry provides nitrogen doping modification services to change the surface activity of silicon carbon materials and improve their electrochemical performance.

  • Compound Modification

For mixed silicon and carbon anode materials, silicon is the active center of electrochemical reactions during charging and discharging, and the carbon carrier has the functions of lithiation and delithiation. Alfa Chemistry prepares silicon/carbon/graphene anode materials with a uniform conductive network structure, good conductivity, good adhesion and high chemical stability by compounding graphene and silicon, which can significantly improve the electrochemical cycling performance of lithium-ion batteries.

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Silicon-Carbon Composites Modification


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