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Black Phosphorus

Black phosphorus has an orthogonal structure and is the lowest reactive phosphorus allotrope. The photons and electrons in the layered black phosphorous structure show a high degree of anisotropy, which has great potential application value in electronic thin film and infrared photoelectronic technology. Black phosphorus can also be used as a more thermodynamically stable semiconductor material. It has strong luminescence and conductivity faster than silicon, and also shows a fine-tunable band gap, which is important for the on/off flow of electrons required for digital logic and photon generation. Potential black phosphorus uses are diverse, including photocatalysis, photodegradation, semiconductors, optical communications, faster transistors and more. Alfa Chemistry provides high-quality black phosphorus powder and black phosphorus crystals, which are very suitable for use in R&D laboratories and other research institutions.

Our products are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purposes.

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