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Element Doping Modification


Alfa Chemistry provides customers with graphene surface element doping modification services. To use graphene in nanoelectronic devices, the band gap must be designed, which in turn will reduce its electron mobility. This band gap can be produced by surface modification or chemical doping. Alfa Chemistry incorporates different elements into graphene to replace defects and vacancy defects in graphene and maintain the inherent two-dimensional structure of graphene. The modified graphene can have excellent electrical and optical properties, and is expected to expand the application of graphene in the field of optoelectronic devices.

Our modification capabilities include, but are not limited to, following:

  • Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)

The CVD method introduces nitrogen, sulfur, boron and other heteroatoms into the gas source to prepare heteroatom-doped graphene. Due to the similar size of nitrogen and boron atoms and carbon atoms, the amount of nitrogen and boron doped can reach a higher content.

Customized-Graphene-Dispersion-PictureFig 1. The experimental setup used in Band Gap Engineering of Chemical Vapor Deposited Graphene by in Situ BN Doping. (Chang C.K, et al. 2013)

  • Plasma Treatment

Plasma treatment requires shorter reaction time and lower energy consumption, and is an effective method for preparing element-doped graphene.

Customized-Graphene-Dispersion-PictureFig 2. The plasma doping process in preparing N-doped graphene. (Fu J.H, et al. 2019)

  • Heat Treatment

The sp2 structure of carbon atoms can be restored by heat treatment, and other heteroatoms can be introduced.

  • Wet Chemical Methods.

Taking advantage of the good dispersibility of graphene oxide in water or organic solvents, the element-doped graphene can be prepared by reacting with reactive heteroatom precursors in a solution using wet chemical methods.


Element doping modification can be used in the following fields (but not limited).

Customized-Graphene-Dispersion-Picture(Alfa Chemistry)

What can we do?

  • At Alfa Chemistry, our graphene chemistry experts provide various graphene doping modification strategies, including CVD, heat treatment, and arc discharge methods.
  • Alfa Chemistry has the ability to design functional target groups and establish structural feature models.
  • Alfa Chemistry can also provide customized graphene doping modification services.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more detailed information.



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