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Graphene Transfer Service


Alfa Chemistry is excited to provide customers with our graphene transfer services. We can transfer a single-layer or multilayer graphene sheet onto any substrate. Alfa Chemistry believes that graphene will change the world, and with our help, you can achieve this goal. Our customer service representatives can answer any questions at any time. Graphene grown by chemical vapor deposition has many uses, but for most applications must be transferred from the metal catalyst to a different substrate.

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Alfa Chemistry's Preparation Method

  • Thermal Release Tape

Using a thermal release tape (TRT) is a method that is more suitable for transferring a large area of graphene. The advantage is low residue and ease of graphene transfer. The disadvantage is that it is very difficult to obtain continuous coverage of graphene.

Customized-Graphene-Dispersion-PictureFig 1. Technique for the Dry Transfer of Epitaxial Graphene onto Arbitrary Substrates. (Caldwell J.D, et al. 2010)

Alfa Chemistry provides customers with thermal release tape for graphene transfer. Please keep in mind that graphene transferred using our graphene transfer tape is unlikely to be continuous. If continuous graphene is required, the PMMA method is the best choice. In this case, please consider purchasing graphene transferred in our laboratory for best results. If you need assistance with selection, please contact us.

  • The PMMA Method

This method uses PMMA to transfer graphene to a substrate. If continuous graphene is a requirement for your experiment, we would recommend using the PMMA transfer method. In this method a layer of PMMA is coated onto the graphene, and the metal below it is etched away completely by etchant. The PMMA/graphene stack is then transferred onto another substrate, and solvents are used to remove the PMMA and complete the graphene transfer. This approach is relatively simple, making it a popular transfer method.

Customized-Graphene-Dispersion-PictureFig 2. Schematic diagram of PMMA transfer method

Alfa Chemistry provides customers with a variety of products that are transferred to various substrates (including SiO2, glass, quartz, PET and etc.) using the PMMA method. At the same time, Alfa Chemistry also have the ability to using the PMMA method to transfer graphene to your customized substrate in our own factory. If customers need to transfer graphene to their own substrates, please contact us.

Alfa Chemistry's Graphene Transfer Service

  • Thermal Release Tape
  • Graphene on PET
  • Graphene on Copper Foil
  • PMMA-coated Graphene
  • Graphene on Si
  • Graphene on Quartz
  • Graphene on Plastic
  • Graphene on SiO2
  • Graphene on A Custom Substrate

Application Direction

The applications of CVD graphene films include flexible displays, ITO replacement, graphene research, and OLEDs. But it is not limited to the above fields. Researchers continue to search for novel graphene film applications.

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