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Graphene Modification


Alfa Chemistry offers custom services of graphene modification. Due to the unique properties of graphene, its application range covers batteries, sensors, supercapacitors and biomedical fields. Appropriate modification of the graphene surface to further expand the application range of graphene has aroused great interest. At Alfa Chemistry, our experts in graphene chemistry offer different strategies for graphene modification, including chemical modification, physical modification and element doping modification. Alfa Chemistry believes that you can discover more graphene's potentials with our help.

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Alfa Chemistry's modification services for graphene include:


Modified graphene with specific properties have been widely used for a wide range of applications.There are different methods available of preparation, among which the covalent bond modification is considered as one of the most efficient routes to functionalize graphene. Our expertise in graphene modification and surface science can provide customers with practical advice, help customers design experiments and prepare functionalized graphene as needed.

Compared with covalent bond modification, graphene modified by non-covalent bond has less damage to the conjugated sheet structure of graphene. It has little effect on the physical and chemical properties of graphene. The reaction operation is also simple and convenient. Alfa Chemistry provides excellent services to help customers design graphene and provide advanced non-covalent bond modification services.

The element doping modification of graphite mainly adopts annealing treatment, ion bombardment and other methods to dope nitrogen, phosphorus, boron, sulfur and other elements into graphene to replace the defects on the graphene sheet. Doping is to give graphene new properties. Alfa Chemistry provides high-quality graphene doping modification services, aiming to expand the application of graphene in the field of optoelectronic devices.

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