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Heat Dissipation

The Importance of Heat Dissipation In Electronics

The Importance of Heat Dissipation In Electronics

With the gradual development of electronic device products to the field of high integration and high computing, heat dissipation has become a problem to be solved in the production of electronic equipment. Metal materials have shortcomings such as high density, energy consumption, easy deformation, being difficult to recycle and to process. There is almost no room for price reduction. Graphene has good thermal conductivity and can be used as an excellent heat dissipation material for various electronic devices.

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Accelerate Research and Practice of Graphene in Heat Dissipation

The excellent thermal properties and flexibility of graphene have prompted extensive research into its derivatives. Materials used for thermal management applications include graphene oxide, graphene films, graphene fibers, graphene foams, graphene laminates and etc. A mixture of liquid phase exfoliated (LPE) graphene and few-layer graphene flakes perform excellently as fillers in thermal pastes and thermal phase change materials. Meter-sized graphene films fabricated from exfoliated graphene flakes also show great potential as heat spreaders.

Five fundamentals of effective thermal dissipation.  Figure 1. Five fundamentals of effective thermal dissipation.

Another promising 2D material for thermal management is boron nitride (BN), which has similar lattice to graphene. Moreover, BN is an electrical-insulating material which makes it a strategically important and very good complementary to graphene and their derivatives where electrical conduction is not allowed.

Another 2D material Figure 2. Graphene quilt as heat spreader for AlGaN/GaN HFETs. (a) Schematic of the FLG heat spreader placed on the drain contact of the AlGaN/GaN HFET.(b) Schematic of the graphene quilt and the device structure. (Yan Z, et al. 2012)

Alfa Chemistry has research strength in the production and application of graphene. Alfa Chemistry seeks co-development opportunities with other companies to develop products, such as graphene heat dissipation films, graphene heat dissipation coatings, graphene heat sinks, which are used to solve the problems of hot and difficult heat dissipation during use of electronic equipment.

What Can We Do?

  1. We can provide a variety of graphene materials for the heat dissipation of electronic devices, and can customize graphene products for customers.
  2. We provide a variety of technical support to help customers solve various problems in heat dissipation research and development.
  3. We can reach an agreement with downstream companies to jointly complete product development, or be entrusted by customers to complete product performance and technical solutions alone.

Alfa Chemistry Solutionts for Heat Dissipation In Electronics



Technology and Instrument Platform

Graphene modification, graphene transfer, mechanical peeling, chemical or thermal peeling, wet spinning, dip coating, spin coating and other technologies.

SEM,TEM, AFM, XPS, ICP-OES, ICP-MS, EDS, Raman spectroscopy and other detection platforms.




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