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Functionalized Graphene

The required properties of graphene materials used in production and biological process are different. The surface of intrinsic graphene is a flat large π-bond structure, with a considerable degree of chemical inertness and hydrophobicity, which makes it easy to stack and aggregate. In order to solve application problems and meet application needs, researchers added other components and structures on the basis of graphene to form a new class of material functionalized graphene. While maintaining most of the basic properties of graphene, they have new properties that are different from intrinsic graphene.

Functionalization is the most important means to realize graphene dispersion, dissolution and molding processing. In recent years, the research of functionalized graphene has been developed rapidly, making it have good application prospects in the fields of polymer composite materials, photoelectric functional materials and devices, and biomedicine.

Our products are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purposes.

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