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Graphite, also known as black lead, is an allotrope of carbon. Its uses include the manufacture of pencil refills and lubricants or carbon brush strips on pantographs, and it can also be used as a neutron moderator for pressure tube graphite moderated boiling water reactors. At present, the main application is raw materials of refractory materials, especially magnesia carbon bricks. The graphite naturally formed in nature can be divided into flake graphite and earthy graphite. Graphite can conduct electricity, which can be used instead of platinum as an inert electrode in electrolysis that produces halogens (for example, electrolysis of salt water).

Alfa Chemistry offers a wide selection of graphite products, including: kish graphite, high crystallinity natural graphite, nano graphite, fluorinated graphite, graphite dispersion and etc.

Our products are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purposes.

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