Scientists-Integrative Biology

Scientists-Integrative Biology

This position may provide specific technical skills and/or are pursuing projects designed to strengthen research credentials. This role is designed to provide companies with the flexibility to meet changing research and technology needs.

Basic Skills

The required skills include but are not limited to:

  • Design and implement experimental procedures including new technologies according to the research objectives, and conduct rigorous evaluations of research results. Bring new ideas and methods to the existing fields of the laboratory, and strive to successfully integrate them into the laboratory plan.
  • Troubleshoot and optimize the experiment to meet the practical requirements of a specific project. Perform experiments reliably and reproducibly. Manage multiple simultaneous long-term projects and perform multiple experiments to maximize efficiency.
  • Provide intellectual input and experimental support for other projects in the laboratory. Actively participate in laboratory meetings. Contribute to shared laboratory tasks as needed.


Education: Master's degree or above in biological sciences or related fields;

Experience: 3 years or more of work experience; Candidates with experience in cancer biology, cell biology, and protein biochemistry are preferred.

Skills and abilities:

  1. Develop, maintain, execute and complete research projects of various scales and scopes
  2. Read carefully, understand and extract useful information from published medical and biological literature
  3. Conduct basic data and statistical analysis
  4. Ability to independently design experiments and debugging protocols
  5. Ability to carefully manage and track a large number of samples
  6. Ability to troubleshoot and optimize experiments
  7. Ability to perform repeatable experiments
  8. Ability to read, interpret and synthesize published documents related to the ongoing project

Contact Details

If you any questions, please email us. If you are interested in this position, please submit your resume and a 1-2 page research abstract.

Note: Not accepting calls from applicants

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